Lutta & Company advocates is a full service law firm established in   and is situated in Nairobi, Kenya.

Our areas of practice include Civil and Commercial Litigation, Employment and Labour Related Issues, Conveyancing Practice and Alternative Dispute Resolution/Arbitration. Read more about our practice areas here.

Our aim is to assist our clients in achieving their objectives as smoothly and efficiently as possible while minimizing the legal and regulatory risks. We draw on our unique knowledge of the African business environment and in-depth understanding of the socio-political climate to advice clients on a wide range of legal issues.

The firm represents a large number of business houses which include corporate, multinationals and state-owned enterprises across a range of industry sectors Financial Institutions as well as Individuals.

As a firm we are founded on the following principles:-

  1. To provide consistent, quality and prompt legal services to our clients.
  2. To strictly adhere to Professional Codes of Conduct and practice law along every professional lines.
  3. To create and maintain a purposeful relationship with our clients based on trust and confidentiality.
To be a dependable premier law firm offering legal and related services to local, regional and international Clients
We aspire to be global leaders through impeccable service delivery, trust and integrity.

We play a big role in the development of legal jurisprudence and the society through impeccable service delivery and continuous reinvention and development of itself to offer precise and pragmatic legal advice to its Clients...

Our Core Values


integrityLutta & Advocates Company stands for uncompromising integrity and high ethical conduct in our practice of law and has a zero tolerance on corruption.


resepectWe value our Clients contribution and upholds professional
values at all times...



commBy combining our commitment to excellence, service and quality with professional resources available to us, we strive to the very best in the delivery of our legal services to our clients.


excellWe continue to reinvent ourselves and our services and take each day as learning experience through which we can improve ourselves and improve the quality of what we offer our clients...